FAQ Cabinet Painting – Remy Refinishing

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

It all depends on the size of the kitchen. An average sized kitchen (30-40 piece doors and drawers) usually takes a week from start to finish. Add a day or two for larger jobs. 

How far out do you schedule?

We try to schedule only 6-8 weeks in the winter and more like 8-10 weeks in the summer due to higher demand. 

Do I need to empty out all of my cupboards prior to painting?

No. We only paint the lip or edge, not the inside of the cabinet, so removing everything is not necessary.

Do you spray the cabinets at the house?

No, we take all of the doors and drawer faces to our shop to spray. Then one of our highly trained employees comes to brush and roll the frames. 

Can you help me install handles and soft close hinges?

Yes, we love to help upgrade your hardware! We also work with an amazing carpenter if you need more extensive cabinet modifications. Ask us about European Style Cabinets and replacement doors.

Who will be doing the painting of my job?

We are a 100% employee based company. We currently have 4 employees and are looking to add more! Our employees are dedicated to providing not only the best painted cabinets, but also the best customer service!

Do you supply the paint needed for my job?

Yes, and we primarily use Ben Moore Paints. For cabinets we use an enamel paint that is chip and scratch resistant.

Do you offer a warranty for your work?

Yes, we offer a lifetime touch up warranty on our cabinets limited to 1 hour of touchups per year.

How will my furniture, fixtures, floors, and appliances be protected during painting?

We use tape, paper, plastic, and drops to protect everything that is near where we are painting. We usually ask for assistance from our customers with help moving refrigerators and heavy furniture.

Do you provide touch up paint after you’re done painting?

Yes, we will leave touch up paint for you to use along with an artist brush.

Do I need to be home while the painters are working?

No, if we have a way to access your house such as a key or garage door code you do not need to be home.

Can I match my current paint color?

Yes, we can match any color into our paint products.

Can you help me pick a color?

No, but we can refer an interior designer that does color consulting who is amazing!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do. If you want to pay online we just have to change the estimate to an invoice and enable online payments. Then you can pay by credit card on your personal computer by clicking a link.

Can you convince my spouse to let me paint our cabinets?

Well we can’t do the convincing but we can answer all their questions and reassure them that painted cabinets are a great option that many people are choosing and love!

How do we move forward with scheduling our project with Remy Refinishing?

Once you are ready to move forward we just request a $500 or $1000 deposit depending on the size of the project. I can then give you a projected month for the project. If you are having countertops and backsplash done we like to have those done first and we will paint last. After that we will just need the colors for your project and other details and we can get started!

You can send photos of your kitchen to remyrefinishing@gmail.com to get a free painting estimate or call or text us at 402-570-9427 to get a free painting estimate. Thanks for visiting Remy Refinishing!